Have you been getting Social?

Now that our Swagbucks friend and messaging features have been around for a while TSG wanted to get a sense from all of you to see how you’re liking it so far. We have more fun and exciting and useful features on the way, but in the meantime have you added a lot of friends? Have you messaged them? Are you getting a lot of friend requests from others? What features do you think would make it better?

Tell me in the comments. If you haven’t used the Social feature yet, here’s how it works:

-Click on “My Account”
-Go to “My Friends”
-Click on the “Find Friend” link
A window will appear and you will be prompted to choose your email provider. Enter your email login details and click “sign in” (Don’t worry – we’re not going to store your password or contact anyone without your permission). A list of contacts will appear and you may choose who you want to friend on Swagbucks. Simply click on each friend and a request will be sent to their Swagbucks account.

You can also friend request someone by searching for their Swag Name.

Remember that they have to APPROVE your request first – no auto-friending ’round these parts. If at any time you decide you no longer want to remain friends with a user you may remove them. Simply click on the “X” located next to their name; this will remove them from your list.