In A Few “Days” This Goes “Missing”

TSG wanted to remind the comic-loving Swaggernauts out there that the limited time Swagstakes to win the Autographed Set of “Days Missing Vol. 1” Comics is ending Monday at 1pm PST. It’s a time travel story about a guardian of history who folds time & space to assist the progress of humanity, produced by Rod Roddenberry (son of Gene) and Trevor Roth. They’re a great read and once you finish with Volume 1 you can go out and get Volume 2, which was released on September 15th.

For those out there who are collectors, you’ll love this prize – it has all five Volume 1 issues with alternate cover artwork and autographed by the creators. Ever since alternate cover artwork became big, collectors have sought out all versions of valuable issues – you don’t have to do all of that hunting if you win this Swagstakes, made possible by the Roddenberry folks.
You can enter for as little as 7 Swag Bucks – as always, the more entries you buy at once, the more you can save!
Good Luck,