Recipe Contest Changes

UPDATE: The submission period has ended and we are no longer accepting new entries in the Recipe Contest.

First of all, let me just say this: WOW. When TSG hatched this little contest, who could have predicted that we would receive over 1500 entries? We didn’t, that’s for sure.

We want to make sure everyone is credited and that every entry is considered, and the simple fact is that it isn’t going to happen by Thanksgiving. For that reason, we’re extending the deadline for entries to next Wednesday, November 24th and expanding the contest to include another category – Holiday dishes. Since many of the same foods tend to trickle over from Thanksgiving to the rest of the Holiday season, if you’ve already submitted a recipe, no need to resubmit.
We’re also working on a system to give YOU a say in who is a finalist – more on that as it develops, but we’re looking at this contest extending into December.
Here’s the other cool part of all of this – the Thanksgiving (now Holiday) Recipe contest is the kickoff to a much bigger idea – a Swagbucks Cookbook filled with Team Swagbucks and Swaggernaut Recipes! Throughout 2011 we’ll be calling on you to help us write the ultimate cookbook, something we think is really exciting and that you guys will love!
As for the contest, it’s still on, and now you have more chances to win!

Here’s how it works, in case you haven’t entered yet.:
There are 8 categories for your recipes:
1. Turkey Dishes
2. Stuffing/Dressing
3. Potato dish (sweet or mashed or whatever)
4. Vegetable Dish
5. Cranberry Dish
6. Miscellaneous – Could be a special family gravy recipe, or some unique dish only your family makes.
7. Desserts
8. Holiday Dishes
Submit your recipe – complete with measurements, ingredients, prep, cooking and serving instructions to Thanksgiving(AT) with your Swagbucks Username. The subject line of your email should be:
“(CATEGORY) – (NAME OF DISH)” – Be aware that by submitting to this contest you’re granted Swagbucks permission to republish this recipe as we see fit.
Everyone who enters a valid recipe by the end of day next Wednesday, November 24th, you’ll be awarded 25 Swag Bucks just for the submission. Include a valid picture of the dish, the amount goes up to 50 – just for submitting. From all of those submissions we’ll be selecting 3-5 finalists in each category – make the cut & you get an additional 100 Swag Bucks.
That’s 125-150 Swag Bucks without even winning! The winners (based on YOUR votes) will each get 1000 Swag Bucks, and we’ll have the ultimate Swaggernaut Holiday Meal!
Here’s the scoop regarding entering:
Can I enter multiple times and in multiple categories?
Yes – but you only get 25/50 Swag Bucks for entering once. You can’t get hooked up for entering multiple times. You can also only have one valid entry per category, so you can compete in all 7, but only once in each of the seven categories. All Swagbucks earned will be credited after the contest ends.
Now – if you become a finalist in multiple categories, you will get the 100 for each finalist entry and you’re eligible to win multiple 1000 Swag Bucks prizes.
Enter NOW!