SBTV – Now With Search!

As you know, SBTV is a work in progress – we’re always tinkering with it to make it better. One recent addition is the new Top Ten area, where you can see screenshots with yours truly as a tour guide.

Ever since SBTV premiered, Swaggernauts have asked for search. “I wish we could search on SBTV,” one Swaggernaut may or may not have said. “How are we supposed to find particular videos without search?” is probably something specifically said by one of you. The truth is that we’re constantly working on improvements to SBTV to make it the best possible experience for all of the Swaggernauts out there. That’s why TSG is so excited to introduce SBTV Search!

That green search box can be found on the SBTV homepage or on any of the category homepages – it allows you to search through the SBTV vault for specific videos. In fact, let’s try it out now – search for the term “Harry Potter” – one of the videos in those results is hiding a 10 Swag Buck code for the next hour.
Good luck!