Swagbucks brings the Movies to you

Everyone here at Swag Central loves movies, and nowadays it costs so much to go the movies between the tickets and snacks that you’re better off just watching movies from the comfort of your home. Now Swagbucks can help you do that for free with our new Movie Downloads, available in the Swag Store! You’ll only see a few titles there right now, but we’ll be adding new ones constantly – for less than 1500 Swag Bucks you can own a whole movie!

One section that’s a bit more filled out right now is our Holiday Movies Section, which is also being filled out but currently sports 6 holiday classics. Since the holidays are all about giving, check one of those movies and you’ll find that its page is hiding a Swag Code worth 10 Swag Bucks. You have until 5:00pm PST to find it.
Good luck!