Swagbucks & Checkpoints

If you have an iPhone or Android phone chances are you’re already using the GPS feature to “Check in” at various places as a part of Facebook or some other app. Swagbucks has partnered with CheckPoints, which is a new FREE mobile app for iPhone Users and Android phone users that gives you prizes for shopping at places like the grocery store and the mall. It’s also currently the #1 Lifestyle App in the U.S. on iTunes – Here’s how it works:

Starting today, Swagbucks will be giving 20 SBs for every Swaggernaut that downloads the app and uses the bonus code “swagbucks” to register. That credit will be applied in two weeks. In addition, for every month you scan at least one product you will earn an additional 6 SBs. Earning points and Swagbucks is easy, especially during the prime shopping season.

Also, just for downloading and using swagbucks as your referral code, you will receive 2 pulls on their bonus slot machine and 300 CheckPoints (enough for a free gift card).

Getting CheckPoints and earning your SB is simple:
1. Download the app from Apple by clicking here.
2. Register for your account in settings->My Account with bonus code: swagbucks
3. Enter your Swagbucks Username in settings->My Loyalty Programs (if you’re not sure what your Swagbucks Username is, check here under “Account Details”)
4. Use the app to checkin and scan products while shopping!

It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s yet another way to win prizes without breaking a sweat. Download it, check it out, and let us know what you think!