Swagbucks Games Is Coming!

You’ve asked. You’ve cajoled. You’ve begged. Some of you (I won’t name names) have even threatened us. Swagbucks Games is almost here.

Before you riot, let me explain. Early next week 10,000 users will gain access to a private beta of Games. The reason why we’re not just releasing it to everyone is simple – we want to get it right. We know how long you’ve been waiting for Games, and getting feedback from users before it goes entirely live will let us fix the unanticipated problems that can (and will) occur when new features are launched on any website.
For the rest of you, you won’t have to wait too long. After the beta period, we’ll slowly begin adding users; we anticipate that everyone will have access to games by the end of December.
Thanks for all the patience you’ve shown – I’ve played some of the games and I know you’re going to love it!