TSGal Loves Her Daily Deals

Mornin’ Swagsters!

I know that all the amazing Swagsters are the thriftiest people in their circle of friends; from their online shopping habits to in-store deal hunting, you Swagsters ALL rock at saving money while having the best products in your everyday life! Unfortunately, the one downside is that either your personal inbox is full of messages from Groupon, Living Social, Tippr and more online deal communities or you’ve set up a separate email address to manage all of this information. Well, guess what!?! Now you can lighten up your inbox to match the freedom you’ve given your wallet with the NEW “Daily Deals” wall here at Swagbucks. This wall is updated daily with all of your favorite deals from all of the best local and national sites. It is complete with a “Most Popular,” “Local Deals,” “Shopping Deals,” and more options to help refine your saving interests. This takes the hassle out of filtering through other emails and/or other websites to find what the discount you want.

How awesome is it that now not only do you get to know the special offers that Swagbucks has going on when you visit our site but you can stay completely informed on all of the online deals that are available for consumers?

Check it out! Let us know what you think!