TSGal Presents: Book Swap

Hey there Swagsters! How many of you have a shelf full of books you’ve either finished or are never really going to read? I know I do, and instead of throwing them out or having them collect dust I can breathe new life into them while earning some Swag Bucks through the new Swagbucks Book Trade In! It’s a real snap and totally free. Here’s how it works:

Simply enter the title, author, keyword or even the ISBN number in the search box. I entered “History” and got the search results below:
Click on the books you own and want to trade in. You have to have at least 600 Swag Bucks worth of books before you can begin checking out:
Once you’ve made sure you’re trading in the right books and in the right quantities, click “Checkout”. You’re taken to the screen below, where you can choose from two different shipping options:
Once you select one, you’re taken to the screen below, where you can verify your mailing address (the address you have listed in your account) – once you do that, click “submit” and you’ll be sent a mailing label – just put your books in a box, stick that label on the box and it’s ready to ship!
With the fall college semester drawing to a close, this is a great way to earn money by trading in old textbooks. Of course, wait until the semester actually ends – you don’t want to tick off your parents!
What books will you trade in?