WOWee is right

Every once in a while an invention comes along that’s so cool it seems like a magic trick. Case in point: The WOWee One Power Bass Portable Speaker, a handheld plug & play speaker that basically turns the entire world into a sub-woofer. Here it is in action:

You want one already. I can tell. They’re great for parties, speakerphone calls or even presentations. Luckily for you we have two ways for you to get your hands on one:
1. You can grab one from the Swag Store for just 7999 Swag Bucks
2. For as little as 7 Swag Bucks you can enter the Limited Time WOWee Swagstakes – we’re actually running a 7-day limited time Swagstakes every week until the week before Christmas, so you’ll have a bunch of chances to not only win a WOWee, but have it in time for the holidays!
Turnin’ it up,