Nothing is worse then having cold toes in the winter. When your toes are cold it’s impossible for the rest of your body to feel warm. Well heat up your feet and toast your toes with 3 Pairs of Women’s Fuzzy Toe Socks for only $5.99 from Although ideal for providing warmth, these Fuzzy Toe Socks actually provide a lot more benefits then you may think.

When socks have compartments for your individual toes, your toes can move more freely – the feeling is much more akin to being barefoot. Toe Socks are also ideal if you suffer from Athletes Foot, corns, or other not-so-fun-to-talk-about toe problems. Since these socks keep each toe separate instead of squishing them together, they can absorb excess moisture, reduce rubbing and friction, and lead to happier, healthier feet!

These Women’s Fuzzy Toe Socks are super stretchy and will fit toes of any (reasonable) size. If you get in on this exclusive Deal at then you’ll receive 3 assorted colors, up to 101 Swag Bucks Rebate, and a big THANK YOU from your feet for giving them the happiest toes around. (note: feel will not actually thank you as they cannot talk).

Today’s Daily Watch is this versatile and stylish MensInvicta timepiece. A beautiful design with Swiss craftsmanship, this watch is perfect for everyday wear. The 18K goldplated and two tone stainless steel case provides a dressy look with a sporty feel, and at $49.99 with a Rebate of 475 Swag Bucks, it can be yours for 75% off the retail price.

Froobi Freddi