Are you a Spoofus?

Doesn’t everyone love the opportunity to point, laugh, and yell “gotcha?” Here at Swagbucks, we are handing you this opportunity on a silver platter! Have you checked out Spoof yet? It’s a great way to trick your friends into thinking they are an internet celebrity via customized URLs pertaining to the victim. You can find Spoof under the “Promote” button on the Swagbucks homepage. For those of you who don’t know how it works, check out the instructional post here.
Just in case this doesn’t sound enticing enough, keep in mind that you can use these spoofs to get referrals. Your tricked friend may want to get you back with their own spoof, but they won’t be able to do so until they register for an account. Cha-ching! Swag Bucks in your pocket.
I would love to be part of your spoofing fun. Who have you spoofed? What was the best reaction you got? If you haven’t yet done so, who are you planning on spoofing? Has anyone ever spoofed you? Tell me about it in the comments!
Check out the Spoofs and start sending them out! Have fun!