Blip Out!

Hey there, Swaggernauts!

As I’m sure most of you have been noticing, the past few weeks we have been appropriately featuring holiday songs for the Song of the Day. In case you were wondering, we use to find and promote the songs that we choose. is a super cool website that you should all check out! It’s totally FREE to sign up and it allows you to DJ your very own radio station! You can listen to your favorite songs, watch music videos, and share them on Facebook or Twitter all in one easy step.
For this week only, I am going to choose one person a day who shares a holiday song from on Twitter and includes @swagbucks. The lucky daily winner will receive 150SB!
Happy Blipping!
P.S. – Go check out what song we posted as the Song of the Day on December 9th. The last word of that song is a code worth 6SB now until 4pm PST!! All lower case letters!