Christmas Memories From Team Swagbucks

It was 1989; the fake banana tree was strung with red chili pepper lights and dad was in the kitchen baking up a smorgasbord of sweets and I had gotten my sister the greatest gift a six year- old girl could give her three year-old sister.

At 7am and my sister, Ashley, starts screaming, “Thank you, Juli, Thank you! Oh my gosh, thank you!”

My mother asks, “What do you have there, sister?”

Ashley responds, “It’s a toothbrush! It’s a toothbrush!”

I confidently respond with, “I know, it’s from Sanrio, you should tell me thank you.”

Ashley continues bellowing out cries of joy, rushes around the living room to wrap her arms around me and I continue unwrapping presents, careless of the name tags, her hug, or anything else happening in the room, simply ready to finish opening the gifts so we could start eating breakfast already!

When it comes time for the holidays, I’ve never been one to be overly impressed by the action of gift giving but I’ve ALWAYS been anxious to start eating! Any Swaggernauts feel me on this?

~Julianna from Team Swagbucks