Code Hunt

Good afternoon, fellow Swaggernauts! A lot of our newer users are a bit confused on where to find Swag Codes. I’m going to take this moment to explain. Swag Codes can be hidden in five different places correlating to Swagbucks. They could be hidden in a blog post, on our Twitter page, on our Facebook page, in the Widget, or in the Toolbar. You will also be notified by one of these methods when there is a new active code. Sometimes Swag Codes are so well hidden that you need to use all five methods to find it…

…like RIGHT NOW! There is a code currently redeemable for 9 SB scattered around the different pages. Look for numbers, like 22, in each location. There are a total of 9 hidden numbers. These numbers represent letters of the alphabet in their number order. For example, A=1, B=2, etc. Find all 9 and unscramble them to reveal the Swag Code. It will be all capital letters. You have until 5:30pm PST on December 8, 2010 to redeem the code, and then it will expire.
Good luck!
*Photo credit: olarte.ollie’s photostream