Fa La La!

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is holiday songs and Christmas carols! Don’t you love sitting around the fire with your family and singing carols as you sip your hot cocoa? However, we can always pick out the one family member who cannot carry a tune to save their life. Maybe it’s Grandpa, or Aunt Sue, or…maybe it’s you! Well, have no fear! Ariella Vaccarino’s voice lessons are here to help!

Right now in the Swag Store you can pick up some Voice Lessons To Go for under 700 SB! I absolutely love to sing! I use everything and anything as my stage: the shower, my car, my bedroom, etc. Unfortunately, everyone else doesn’t love to hear me sing. I intend to change their minds this season with Voice Lessons To Go!
There are two volumes available currently in our Swag Store: V3: Pure Vowels V4: Stamina. Pure Vowels concentrates on differentiating between the vowels that we sing and their proper vocal production. Stamina focuses on challenging and strengthening any singer’s abilities. What’s even cooler is that you can also purchase an assessment for under 400 SB, where you can record your singing and send your MP3 straight to Ariella for constructive criticism and advice. Ariella Vaccarino has been teaching voice and piano for over 18 years, so you would be getting feedback from a professional!
Save your embarrassment this year, or give it as a gift to save your family member’s embarrassment, and get Ariella Vaccarino’s Voice Lessons To Go.
Happy singing!