Deals of the Day 12/21

Today’s Daily Deal is a must-have for any pet owner. The Smart-i-Tag™ Pet Locator™ from brings the latest in communications technology right to your pet’s collar, ensuring a quicker, safe return of your pet.

Each tag has an 800# and unique pin code. When you first receive the Smart-i-Tag, you’ll register that pin code with up to 5 of your phone #’s. When your pet gets lost, the person that found it just needs to call the 800 #, enter the pin code, and all 5 of your phones are dialed at the same time, so you or a family member can be assured to not miss the call! And since most pet owner’s have more then one pet, this Deal includes 3 Smart-i-Tag Pet Locators.

In addition to the Smart-i-Tags, you’ll also receive 47 Smart-i-Stickers. Coming in various shapes and sizes, the stickers work just like the tags with an 800# and pin code, and can be placed on all your valuables – including cell phones, laptops, sunglasses, and mp3 players.

The package of 3 Smart-i-tags and 47 Smart-i-Stickers retails for just under $35, but the good folks at are offering Swag Bucks and Froobi users all of it for the absurdly low price of $2.99 – over 90% off the retail price! In addition, everyone who gets in on the Deal will earn up to 248 Swag Bucks as a Rebate.

Quantities are very limited, so make sure to get in on this incredible Deal at before it runs out. And check out for more information on how to better protect your pets and valuables.

A powerful design with classic craftsmanship, this Men’s Technomarine Chronograph timepiece is stainless steel from the round silver-tone case to the back and screw down crown. Treat yourself or someone special to this striking creation from Technomarine, available for one day only at 70% off the retail price and a Rebate of a whopping 1,734 Swag Bucks.

Froobi Freddi