Froobi Deals of the Day 12/2

When I think of pearls, visions of class and elegance dance in this Fashionista’s head. After all, pearls have always served as a symbol of class and prestige throughout history. Ancient Romans once used pearls to flaunt their social status, and really – where would Miss Holly Golightly have been without those pearly strands of high society wrapped around her neck? Once reserved for our Sunday best, a new era of “thinking pearls” has arrived, and I couldn’t love this trend more. Long, short, chunky or layered – pearls are IN for any occasion. Just ask these women:

That’s why I’m thrilled to showcase today’s Froobi Daily Deal – a gorgeous 36″ long strand of freshwater pearls that is just as versatile as you. Wear ’em long and Gatsy-style, or layer a couple of times to keep with the latest trend. One thing’s for sure – this necklace is timeless, classy and at $13.99 with up to a 247 Swag Buck rebate, a ridiculous deal for you.

Now if we can turn that AC up a few notches…it’s a HOT WATCH day, my fellow fashionistas. Strong…sexy…sporty…stylish…I’m diggin this scene. Made of stainless steel with red rubber straps, this Sector Men’s Winch Master Silver Dial Red Rubber Watch designed for everyday use can take you from work to beach volleyball practice to the club that night – heck, take it scuba diving if you want (it is water resistant up to 165 feet). For one day only, get this dynamic timepiece by Sector for a hot low price of $49.99, which is about 1/3 of the price you’ll be able to find anywhere else. You’ll also get a rebate of 450 Swag Bucks, which just so happens to be the exact price of certain gift card that is quite popular in the Swag Store…

Froobi Fashionista