Froobi Deals of The Day 12/23

Has the weather where you live taken a turn for the freezing?

After getting all your presents, has your bank account taken a turn for the empty?
If you answered yes to either(or both) of these questions, then today’s Froobi Deal is for you.
For the exclusively low Froobi price of $2.99, you can get TWO Fleece Adjustable Behind The Ear Muffs. They’re stylish, they’re warm, they’re ridiculously low priced!
The design provides superior warmth and replaces the awkward appearance and marginal effectiveness of traditional and uncomfortable earmuffs. Since the Ear Warmers wrap around the back of your head, they can be worn with glasses, helmets, and hats, and are not cumbersome while you work. They adjust to any size head and conversely collapse for compact storage.
Click here to keep your ears warm and your wallets padded, and you’ll also be able get up to 72 Swag Bucks for each purchase.

Today’s Daily Watch is this exquisite Men’s Geneva Stainless Steel by Jacques Lemans. If you buy this timepiece in a store it’ll put you back a cool $1,200. If you buy it today at Froobi, you’ll be able to get 10 for the same price! But you don’t have to buy of course (but you can if you want), so feel free to get one for the Froobi exclusively low price of only $129, plus add 895 Swag Bucks to your account. We only have a small handful of watches available at this price so make sure to snag it up soon before they’re gone.

Froobi Freddi