Froobi Deals of The Day 12/24

Now you can travel the world crossing multiple time zones and always know what time and day it is with this incredible 6 in 1 Journey’s Edge Traveling World Time Clock & Flashlight!

If you buy this nifty little device you’ll always:

1) Dress appropriately for the weather because you’ll know the temperature
2) Wake up on time because you’ll have an alarm clock
3) See where you’re going in the dark because you’ll have a flashlight
4) Know what day it is because you’ll have a calendar

And if you buy it today, you’ll get it also get it for the exclusively low price of $6.99, plus net yourself a Rebate up to 107 Swag Bucks.

This Seiko Men’s Automatic timepiece makes a bold statement with its intricate detail and design, personifying a gallant structure. The silver dial is encased in polished stainles steel, with a brushed stainless steel bracelet bringing it all together. Retailing for $295, you can get it for one day only at Froobi for $58 with a 540 Swag Bucks Rebate.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Froobi Freddi