Froobi Deals of the Day 12/28

As the weather around the country takes a turn for the freezing, it is imperative that you stay bundled up and keep your head and ears warm and toasty. Normal hats and beanies keep your head warm but leave your ears exposed. Ear muffs will keep your ears warm but do nothing for the rest of your head. That’s where these Earflap winter hats come in. Not only are they fun and stylish, but they keep your ears and head warm at the same time. What a concept, I know!

Although there is no price you can put on staying warm and healthy, most people will tag these hats to be between $10 and $20 each. Well we at are not most people, so we’re letting you have TWO of them for the exclusively low price of $4.99. Not $4.99 each, but $4.99 total! We’re also going to give you a Rebate up to 114 Swag Bucks. The colors you receive will be random, but you are guaranteed to get two different designs. Feel free to keep them both for yourself, give one to a friend, or give them both away – what you do with your two new earflap winter hats is really none of our business. What is our business is making sure you get great products at super low prices, and as you can see from this Deal we take our business very seriously!

Strong and sylish, this black dial, stainless steel timepiece from I by Invicta is the perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe. This watch is all about versatility, as it can be worn to the office just as easily as it could to a night out on the town. It retails for $395, but we’d prefer to give you 10 at that price so we’re selling them for the exclusively low Froobi price of $39.95. We’ll also give you 450 Swag Bucks for each watch you purchase.

Yeah Deals!

Froobi Freddi