Froobi Deals of the Day 12/4

We’re turning back the clock for both of today’s Froobi Deals. The first Deal is for these Aviator Sunglasses by Fashion.

Invented for American pilots in 1929, Aviators were developed as durable with the right shape to protect them from the sun’s glare while flying. American commander Douglas MacArthur first made the aviators fashionable, and soon stars and city fashionistas started wearing them – and haven’t stopped.

Aviators have stayed cool due to the versatility of their shape and the fact that they that they flatter nearly any face shape. For a price of just $7.99 you might also feel like you’re making a purchase 60 years ago, although you definitely wouldn’t have receive a Rebate up to 255 Swag Bucks.

For our next blast from the past, both in style and price, is this I by Invicta Men’s White and Silver Dial Black Rubber

The eye-catching timepiece looks like the work of anachronistic technology, a watch that could only be dreamed of by the likes of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. I by Invicta has done a brilliant job to capture the elegance of Victorian Britain and fashion it for modern day style. This watch is offered for 80% off retail at $49.99, and along with being a conversation starter at parties will also net you a Rebate of 458 Swag Bucks.

Froobi Fashionista