Froobi Deals of the Day 12/8

It gets harder every day to protect our identity on line, at the ATM or simply when discarding documents in the trash. The brand new IDBlocker Stamp will help protect your identity, even if you don’t own a shredder.

The stamp contains thousands of tiny symbols that block out whatever is under them when you use it. It works great for credit card statements, personal addresses, or anything else you want to keep private, but need to throw out. It lasts about 500 impressions before needing refilling, and special proprietary security refill ink is available at

Normally retailing at $19.99, you can get the brand new IDBlocker for one day only at the exclusively low Froobi price for $4.99 – a savings of 75%. Along with receiving the peace of mind and security of having your identity safe, you’ll also get a Rebate up to 164 Swag Bucks. Hard to decide which one’s better!

Head to to see a video of this fanastic product, and for more information go to:

If you need to update your timepeice collection or are still searching for the perfect gift, then look no further than this gorgeous Triumph Motorcycles watch set. Along with the Men’s Black Leather Watch, you’ll also receive a matching Dual Time Desk Clock with alarm. today only for $45, a saving of over 90%! Purchase one before time runs out and you’ll get a Rebate of 428 Swag Bucks.

Froobi Freddi