Game On!

Two of the hottest gifts this Holiday season are for video game systems but will have you up and moving – PlayStation Move and XBox Kinect. Fortunately for you, we have Limited Time Swagstakes for you to enter that end in time for you to get one of these highly sought after items under your tree for FREE!

The PlayStation Move uses cool, ice creamish controllers and a camera sensor mounted on top of your TV. I’ve played the ping pong game for the Move and I’m not exaggerating when I say that it felt like I was actually play a game – I could give the ball spin, reach for tough-to-hit shots and performed my patented “Ace ’em Everytime┬«” serve. You can enter to win the Starter bundle for as little as 12 Swag Bucks and who knows? Maybe you’ll play some ‘Pong with TSG online…
If you’re the XBox 360 type, the Kinect has the camera sensor but doesn’t use a controller; YOU act as the controller, whether you’re playing a game or watching a movie, you gesture and move your body to execute different commands. Very Minority Report, if you ask me. You can enter this Swagstakes for just 16 Swag Bucks:
Which of these are YOU after?