Get your Eco-Swag on

For those of us that aim to find ways to green our every step, it feels like we are constantly striving to remind people and create new ways to eliminate paper and plastic from our desk, home and more. We always forget about the value of our most important resource: water! It is important that you are just as conservative and protective over your water as you are over the use of paper. In the Eco-Swag section of the Swag Store you can find two ways to help you conserve water.

Shower time digital star:Using a shower timer is a great way to conserve water and in turn help the environment. Set your waterproof timer to ten minutes, and it will display a count-down timer with a buzzer alarm. It also includes a real time clock. Getting used to the shower timer will then remind you that it is a luxury to allow yourself the occasional long, steamy showers that most of us tend to enjoy more often than necessary; The EcoUsable Bottles:

Your average water bottle never gets finished; gets left behind and the remaining water goes to waste. Not only does the water go to waste, but the plastic bottle goes into the dump and is NOT biodegradable. We all know the excess damage caused by our waste and paper consumption, so I won’t get into all the grimy details but I do ask that you don’t forget about the one resource we are the MOST dependent on: water.

These products are both under 2000 SB and with your eco-conscious purchase you can spread the word about the importance of conserving all your resources – including your own finances – and how Swagbucks helps you do that everyday!

Until Next Time,