Julianna’s Favorite Gifts

My Favorite Christmas Gifts:

1. Binoculars
2. An elaborate mini-car racing set
3. Lincoln Logs
5. Candy necklaces
6. New Kids on the Block bedroom set
7. School/Art Supplies
8. Ramona Quimby Bookset
9. Tacky Polka Dotted or Mis-Matched Stripe Dresses
10. Big Wheels

I might be a grown woman now, but I think it’d still be pretty legit if I had ANY of these items at my house. Making a holiday wishlist that included a new set of dishes and bathroom decor is not half as exciting as lincoln logs or big wheels.

If you are feeling like embracing some of your childlike curiousities this year, you can pick up some new binoculars in the Swag Store for 379 SB or any neat school or art supplies starting at 159 SB. Since the economy sucks and it doesn’t feel like it’s bouncing back before your holiday shopping is done, think of gifts you can get your kiddos that create interaction between you and them but are nearly costless — like art projects, paints and more. Sure you might end up with a messy child, but that’s half the fun part and a great way to make lasting memories.

Anybody want to share their favorite childhood gifts with the Swag Nation here in the comments?