Let’s Talk Games

Helllllooooo Swaggernauts!

Justin from Team Swag Bucks here. I spend a lot of time working on our new Swag Bucks Games section and now that more of you are taking part in our beta testing, I’d like to take a second to tell you about one of my favorite games: Snow Day.

The premise of Snow Day is that you’re are a boy who needs to cause snow to fall from the clouds in order to have a day off from school. To create the snow, you have to toss ice cubes into the sky where they hopefully hit a cloud and create a snow storm. Maybe it’s because when I’m playing the games, I’m usually at the very busy and bustling Swag Central and I could use a little calming… Maybe it’s because I grew up here, in Los Angeles, where you couldn’t buy a snow day, but I can relate to the plight of the little blue guy, trying so hard to get a day off of school to play in the snow. I know it’s not the most action-packed of our games, but there’s something I find really enjoyable about the pace and the challenge of powering up a good toss of ice at those clouds and prayin’ for snow. There’s a special kind of satisfaction in hitting a cloud high in the sky or hitting a few at once- like draining a 3-pointer in basketball. It’s a game where no matter how well you do, there’s room for improvement and you can almost taste it each time you receive your final score. In that way, it’s both fun to play against yourself as well as taking on the challenge of facing The Swag Nation in tournaments.

And because I’d like to share the fun of Snow Day with all of our current testers, we’ve created a one day tournament with a low buy-in of only 1 Swag Buck! Spend some time practicing your skills, and then come join me and countless others in a Snow Day tournament frenzy. The winner is guaranteed at least 250 Swag Bucks (but that number could be well higher if we get a lot of people to enter).

For those of you helping in our beta program, thank you all very much for all your help. Please keep those emails coming. We love your feedback. For those of you not yet able to experience our games, maybe link up with someone who can and see if they still have an invite for ya or just hold onto your swag socks and get ready for some fun and Swag Bucks when our new Swagbucks Games section fully launches!

In the meantime, what are some of the games that you’ve been enjoying?