Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!

Hey there, groovy Swaggernauts!

I know you all still have a sweet spot for the retro comedy, the Brady Bunch, and boy do I have excellent news for you…RIGHT NOW! In the Swagbucks Swagstakes you can bid on this far out 8X10 photograph of the original cast that is signed by Greg Brady – Barry Williams – himself, for just 5 SB per entry.

If you paired this exclusive memorabilia with a Classic Movie Magnet or the 2010 Vintage MAD Magazine Calendar, both available in the Swagstore, you’d have a perfect gift for anyone of the ’60s-’70s generation. Bring a friend or family member back to their prime time with these collectible items, or keep them for yourself to display and strike up conversations. You have 41 days left until this Swagstake ends, so get as many entries in while you can!
Good luck and stay hip!