Merry Go Round-Up

Happy day after the day after Christmas!
It’s time for another poll round-up. Have you checked out today’s Daily Poll? Go and vote on your favorite genre of Swagbucks Games!
It looks like most of you Swaggernauts are looking forward to a nice and quiet New Year’s at home.
It seems that 42% of you would want to travel to Europe if given the opportunity to travel anywhere. I would have to agree with the majority, because once you get to Europe you have many options all within close proximity. You can see France, Spain, Italy, and more all in one day! It would be a long and busy day, but it’s possible!
According to Tuesday’s poll, 40% of you still have not gotten a Swagbucks T-Shirt! Visit the Swag Store to check out the Swag Gear available. These items are a great way to get some referrals!
Keep checking out the daily polls, and remember that you’ll earn 1 bonus Swag Buck for voting on that day’s poll.
Happy Voting!