Monday Means Football

It’s Monday, and that means TSG (and Swaggernauts everywhere) are priming themselves for some gridiron action. Swaggernaut alexkim of Charlotte, North Carolina will be enjoying some great football on December 19th when the Panthers host the visiting Arizona Cardinals – not only does Alex get two tickets, but also a pair of field passes! Get there early, Alex…

Now, onto tonight, as the New England Patriots and New York Jets clash at Gillette Stadium – two AFC East powerhouses with identical 9-2 records – only one team gets to walk out of there with 10 wins, but who will it be?

Let’s see if you guys know. We’re doing a predictive code. Here’s how it’ll work:

I’m putting out two identical 5 Swag Bucks codes below, both of which are active until 5pm PST – one in support of the Patriots, one in support of the Jets – you can only redeem ONE of the codes – the code you redeem is a vote for that team to win! In the end, whichever team’s code has more redemptions will be the one you picked to win. Get it right, and this Friday you’ll get two touchdowns (and XPs) worth of code – 14 Swag Bucks. Get it wrong, no soup for you and no code on Friday…

Who are YOU rooting for:

Is it




Good luck and enjoy what promises to be one heck of a game!