Nutter Butter Reindeer

Only four days left until I can bake up a storm with my favorite kiddos, Julia and Kaylee. Julia is seven and Kaylee is five. Their mother was a good friend of mine in high school and they’ve been the highlight of my trips back to Oklahoma since I’ve moved to LA. Plus, this could very well go down as their greatest Christmas ever; they’re at the perfect age to enjoy all the simplest aspects of holidays with family and friends. Their mother and myself have picked out some fun holiday snacks to put together with the girls.

Below are directions on how to make Nutter Butter Reindeer:

What you need:

  • Nutter Butter Cookies
  • Tiny Twist Pretzels
  • Large Bag of Red or Green M&M’s
  • White Frosting in Tube

After you have laid your Nutter Butter’s out on a tray simply, break the bottoms off the pretzels so you are left with two antler looking pieces.

Glue the sides of the antlers on using the white frosting and do the same to put the M&M’s where the eyes belong.

Not only do the girls get to help put these awesomely festive snacks together for all the house guests, they are also getting this great new game from Mattel, Mindflex. Sure at first this game seems a bit quirky and the headgear that each player must wear certainly is dorky but I know the girls will love it and fighting to beat a five year old at ‘mind control’ game should be pretty easy… or I’ll just have to say I ‘let her win’ because beating a five year old is cruel. Plus, it will be a great way to distract them for a little while, so me and their mom share the stories of our new lives while sipping our favorite vino next to the fireplace.

It’s gonna be good; I can’t wait to board the plane and high tail it home. Unfortunately, I was unable to find anywhere online where you Swaggernauts could still get Mindflex in time for Christmas but that doesn’t mean the site or store does not exist, so if anyone in Swag Nation has a clue where you could still pick one up, please share in the comments here.

Is anyone else getting excited or picking up a new board game this year that they are excited to share with your family?