Oh Na Na – What’s My Name?

As Rihanna says:
“Oh Na Na What’s My Name?”
Hey Guys!
Many fellow Swaggernauts have been experiencing some problems with finding their Swag Name. This might affect a contest submission or Twitter wins. Some of you have been entering your e-mail address as your Swag Name, but they are not the same. Everyone with an account on Swagbucks has their own, unique Swag Name.
To find your Swag Name, along with all of your account information, hold your mouse over your SB total count on the top right of the Swagbucks home page:
Let the menu drop down, and then click on “Account Details:”
Enter your password, and then your Account Details will show up. The first thing listed is your Swag Name:
Here you can also update your e-mail address, change your password, confirm your birthday, enter your address, and upload your profile picture.
I hope this clears up any confusion you guys had.