Post Christmas Blues

TSG knows that you’re all very grateful to receive gifts at Christmastime, but be honest; some of you didn’t get exactly what you were hoping for this year – maybe instead of that gaudy sweater or fruitcake you were hoping for something else, or you just weren’t able to get your hands on the perfect gift for your kids (or your spouse). If any of those sound like you then you’re in luck, because we’ve launched Limited Time Swagstakes for some of the hottest holiday gifts this year – consider it your own personal mulligan.

For instance, did you want Call of Duty: Black Ops? Now you can get for as little as 9 Swag Bucks – that’s the cost of a single entry, and remember, the more entries you snag at once, the more you save. If you DIDN’T have this game on your wish list, you probably have it already, but just to get you excited, here’s the awesome commercial for it:

Good luck and if you see Kobe out there, get his autograph for me, will you?