Reach Out and Touch Someone

I woke up this morning at 7am to a text from my mother: “Vantasitc!”

They had been on the road RVin’ for approximately an hour and my mom was already excited. My parents are anything but ‘traditionalists’; however, my grandmother is very traditional and lives in what I’d imagine is the smallest town in TX and this is where they are headed. I will not get to hug my mother, father, sister and grandmother this year for Christmas, but I will undoubtedly get their text messages every hour for the next three days keeping me in the loop of all the excitement and goodies they share. Every year when we are apart like this, I am amazed at the way technology has improved. I mean, I can Skype with my mother while I feast away on Christmas and she’ll be pleased to know she was there with me.

I hope you all are spending the holidays with loved ones; if not, at least there are ways for you to be a part of everything.

Live in confidence and celebrate in style!