So Fresh and So Clean

Today’s Froobi Deal of the Day is appropriate and necessary for anyone who has a bathroom in their home, which I’m hoping is everyone. The item is the Sonic Scrubber Power Toilet Bowl Scrubber & 10 Refills. This is an easy-to-use, no-touch toilet cleaner, and you can get it TODAY for only $4.99 (+ $5 for shipping).
Sonic Scrubbers is holding a contest right now called the Messy Kitchen promotion. This is such a cool contest, I think I want to enter it myself. Submission is super easy, too, and FREE! Visit the Messy Kitchen Contest webpage, upload a picture of your messy kitchen, and one lucky winner will receive a FREE professional home cleaning service!
So how does it work? You upload your picture and Sonic Scrubbers will pick 5 finalists each day. These finalists’ photos will be featured on their Facebook page where you can invite your friends to vote! The picture that gets the most likes each day will win a cleaning kit, including extra brushes and scrubbing pads. The picture with the most likes at the end of the contest, which is December 31st, will win the FREE cleaning service!
There are only 10 days left! Don’t pass up on this completely FREE contest, and enter for your chance to win a professional home cleaning service.
Good luck!