Swagbucks Games – Good for your brain!

When we started games, we envisioned it as a great way for Swaggernauts to win Swag Bucks from playing games – who knew we were furthering higher education as well? I recently got this email from one of our Swaggernauts:

“Ohhh TSG, how happy you have made me! Now I can study for the GRE AND win swagbucks. One of the games (Synonymous) uses a plethora of GRE words! I just wish it would be an antonyms game (to prepare me even more). Now, can we see about getting some math based games- polynomials, quadratic equations, and why the hell someone would want to know the area of the inside of a beach ball that is made up of equilateral triangles? (Is that even possible?) Math is truly the bane of my existence. So if I would have incentive (cough swagbucks), I may be able to up my score…”

So remember, when you’re playing Games and you venture into the Word games section, you’re not just playing for Swag Bucks – you’re also exercising your noodle!