Swagbucks to the Rescue…for Rachel

Here at Swagbucks, we pride ourselves on helping people and making people happy! I know that a lot of you Swaggernauts counted on your Swag Bucks to help you with your holiday shopping this year, and many of you had success. We received a bunch of letters and e-mails from fellow Swaggernauts, showing their appreciation for Swagbucks and explaining how we have helped them. I wanted to share one of those stories with you:

I have Swagbucks to thank for saving Christmas this year. I had bought a few Christmas presents for my 7 year old but none of the gifts were really special enough. I just recently asked my son what present he really wanted for Christmas above all others and he said that he would like an RC car. I went to Toys R Us looking for a nice remote control car and they had plenty but the nice one that he wanted was $89.99. I went to Walmart and it was $79.99 which was better but still over my price range so I didn’t get it.

I had signed up with Amazon to be notified about the lightning deals through my Twitter account. Lightning deals are sales that only last for 15 minutes on Amazon because they are amazing deals. I got a text, because I have my Tweets sent to my cell phone, that notified me of an RC car that was on sale for 50% off. I quickly jumped on the computer to check out the deal and it was the exact car that I was shopping for earlier in the week. The Tonka Ricochet RC car, which is never on sale, was now priced at $39.99 with free shipping! If that deal wasn’t sweet enough I had exactly $40.00 worth of Amazon gift cards saved up that I earned through Swagbucks. That makes the car free!

Thank you so much Swagbucks & Amazon! This toy is going to blow my seven year old son’s mind. I could not have made this happen without you.

Rachel Ellis
Well, Rachel, I’m glad your son was able to get exactly what he wanted this year for Christmas. I’m sure his face was priceless when he unwrapped his brand new RC car!
All of your stories and thank yous bring a smile to my face. Keep sharing your experiences and how Swagbucks has helped you. Send your stories to TheSwagGal@Swagbucks.com, and yours might be featured in the blog!
Keep Swagging!