Swagbucks to the rescue…for the holidays!

It’s Swagbucks to the rescue!

Holiday shopping can certainly take a toll on anyone’s bank account. Here at Swagbucks, we try our best to help alleviate that. We have received numerous tweets and comments from fellow Swaggernauts expressing their appreciation of Swagbucks and thanking us for helping them with their holiday shopping this year. We were even featured on CBS2 News in New York, where they aired a story featuring Swaggernaut, NovemberSunflower, who used Swagbucks to do all of her holiday shopping. We definitely pride ourselves on having the privilege to give all of our Swaggernauts a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

So how have we helped you this holiday season? Did you do all of your holiday shopping using Shop&Earn? Did you buy all of your gifts this year with Amazon Gift Cards? Did you save up your Swag Bucks to get yourself the holiday gift you’ve always wanted? Send me your stories to TheSwagGal@swagbucks.com, and I will share a few to keep everyone in the Swagbucks holiday spirit!
Keep on swaggin’ on!