Swagbucks to the Rescue!

Hey Swaggernauts!

In an earlier post I had written, I discussed how Swagbucks had been helping users with their holiday shopping, and I had asked for fellow Swaggernauts to send in their stories of how Swagbucks has helped them.
Today, I am going to highlight Swaggernaut, shutterfly3031, and her “Swagbucks to the Rescue” story:

I just want to thank Swag Bucks for helping me give my family a Christmas they deserve this year.
I can no longer work, my husband works 3 jobs just to keep us going. With swag Bucks this year, I was able to save a total of 60% on my total gift giving budget.
Many things were free due to getting some gifts from the Swag Store, Yaysave & Amazon. I also was able to save incredible amounts of money and earn Swag Bucks while shopping for gifts from the special offers. I ordered from Happy & David, used photo sites for photo books & photos, used Cafe Press for a t-shirt for my daughter, restaurant.com gift certificates ($250 worth for just $12.50!!) and on the list goes.
Over the last 3 months I have shopped, spent just over $700 total and have a value of gifts at approx. $1600.
Could not have done it without your help. I already have enough Swag Bucks saved up for $50 worth of Amazon credit, needless to say, I’m working on next Christmas savings already.
Thank you so much!!!
Well shutterfly, there is nothing we like more than giving families the holidays they deserve! I think it’s awesome how you took advantage of almost all of Swagbucks’ features (SwagStore, Shop&Earn, Special Offers, etc.) to earn your Swag Bucks. And good for you starting early on next year’s Christmas savings!
Swagbucks to the Rescue might become a monthly feature! So send your stories to TheSwagGal@swagbucks.com, and you might be the next Swaggernaut to be highlighted in the blog!