The NFL Playoff Picture

The NFL Playoff Picture is reminiscent of a high school algebra problem where a+b=c but only if c kicks the crap out of d. But as week 15 comes to a close, the playoff picture is starting to take shape. Keep in mind that I grew up a Browns fan so post-season has never really been part of my vocabulary.

It’s been an exciting year in the NFL as evidenced by the large number of teams still in the hunt.
Swagbucks is proud of our partner sites teams, many of which are in contention for a playoff berth, including the Atlanta Falcons who have clinched their slot. But even if your favorite partner team is out of the picture (I’m looking at you, Carolina Panthers) there is still a chance for you to come away a winner.

Each NFL partner site is currently running special sweepstakes where you can turn one Partner Swag Buck into 500 if you are the lucky winner. For example, spend one Saints Swag Buck for a single entry and on January 3rd you just might increase your account by 500 Saints Swag Bucks, putting you that much closer to owning a Saints Spirit Flag. Or one Chargers Swag Buck could get you 500 Chargers Swag Bucks closer to your own Autographed Darren Sproles 8×10. Don’t forget that the more you times you enter the more chances you have to win! Here’s a complete list of the SNFL (Swag Nation Football League) for your enjoyment:

Atlanta Falcons

San Diego Chargers

Indianapolis Colts

Cincinnati Bengals

NY Giants

Green Bay Packers

Carolina Panthers

Washington Redskins

New Orleans Saints

Minnesota Vikings

We want to put you one step, actually 500 steps, closer to getting exclusive prizes from your favorite football team.

Good luck to our playoff-contending teams and to the ones who won’t be in the postseason: go get ’em next year!

Becky, Team Swagbucks