The Recipe Contest is ready for your votes!

Hey Guys!

The Holiday Recipe Contest is finally up and ready for your votes! We were impressively overwhelmed with almost 1,000 entries, so it’s going to be very hard for you to pick a winner! There are seven categories to vote on: Turkey, Cranberry, Potatoes, Stuffing, Dessert, Miscellaneous, and Holiday. It is up to your Swag Nation votes to determine the top five recipes in each category. You do not have to vote on every category, but you certainly can, and you can vote for as many recipes as you like. But keep in mind, you must be logged into Swagbucks in order to vote.
Did you submit a recipe? Well now is a great chance for you to get some referrals. If you want your friends and family to vote for your recipe, they must be logged into Swagbucks, and therefore, must have a Swagbucks account. And get this, all this week there will be a Registration Bonus Code! That means that every future Swaggernaut who signs up for Swagbucks this week will get an extra 20SB in addition to the 30SB they automatically receive for signing up, bringing their start-up total to 50SB! Not a bad deal, huh? Just make sure they enter “SignUp2010” upon registering. Please note that this code is only available to NEW members and must be entered DURING the registration process, not after.
While browsing through the submissions, I found some recipes that especially stood out for me. If you didn’t submit a recipe, you can still vote and pick your favorites. We are encouraging you to try some of the recipes, and cook up some that sound appetizing to you. If you do not have an entry in the submissions, take a picture or video of a recipe that you made and send it to with subject line “Holiday Recipe ____.” (Fill in the blank with the recipe that you chose to make.) We might even feature it in the blog, and if we do you’ll get 100 SB! (Please note: If you choose to send a video, DO NOT attach it to the e-mail. Simply upload it to YouTube and send us the link.)
To discuss the recipes with fellow Swaggernauts, visit the Official Recipe Contest Discussion on our Facebook page.
I suggest you bring a snack to your desk as you’re browsing through the submissions. You’re gonna get hungry!
Happy Voting!
P.S. – To vote for a recipe, just hit the Up arrow next to the submission!