There’s No Place Like Home For The Holidays

At about 11am last Thursday morning, I officially decided to rearrange my Christmas plans to take an eight hour road trip with my roommate in order to spend the holiday with his family, throwing my original agenda to the wind. I learned a lot.

When you spend every year with the same folks, you can forget the reasons you’ve been giving them gifts year after year. Relationships bloom in different fashions and as they grow, wilt and bloom all over again you are continually excited to be walking through life with them — even if you disguise your excitement with anger at times. Taking the time to walk through anything with people is the greatest accomplishment you can give yourself and Christmas is the amazing day where a great majority of the world convenes in order to acknowledge the folks they are most blessed to know by showering them with gifts. It’s a day where without thinking we instantly forgive the moments in life that are still unspoken and come up with an endless supply of stories as to why we love those around us.

I hope you are starting this week grinning with pride in those you keep closest to you.

All my Best,

Julianna from Team Swag Bucks