Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays: December 1st, 2010

Let TSG start by saying this: writing haiku is NOT easy – there’s a lot of finger counting involved as you try to keep track of syllables. As usual, however the Swaggernauts rose to the challenge and came up with some great entries!

Here are the winners of the TTPTP – great work by ALL who entered:

“Syllables are fun/when you can count them to say,/”Swagbucks, you’re awesome!” #TTPTP” – nonevilhobbit of Modesto, California
“Today is Tuesday/Colored leaves have fallen down/Pile them for a jump #TTPTP” – MoonBlosm of Virginia
“It is cold outside / I am dreading the snow fall / Come back now, summer. #TTPTP” – @buckeye_chica

And the winner of that crisp, new 500 Swag Buck bill is none other than @thismakeupgirl for this TTPTP that brought a smile to my face:

“I tried to think of/ a haiku for some swagbucks/I came up with this #TTPTP”

Have a great Thanksgiving and we’ll return to the TTPTP next week!