Year in Review: Pop Culture

Hey Guys! Ashley from Team Swagbucks here! I wanted to take a moment to highlight this year in pop culture.
In January 2010, the iPad made it’s official debut! It’s crazy how Apple’s new device took off, and became one of the hottest items of the year. I have to admit that I’m on the side with the late majority and the laggards, because I have not picked up my very own iPad yet. And if you haven’t either, you still have a chance to win one for FREE in the Swagbucks Swagstakes! Starting at 30 SB per entry you can snag the most innovative product of 2010!
In February, Tiger Woods addressed the public regarding his unfaithful and dishonorable actions. The fallen golfer admitted, “What I did was not acceptable, and I am the only person to blame.” He apologized for his behavior, stating “I am deeply sorry for the selfish and irresponsible behavior I have engaged in.” He included a statement regarding his golf career, confirming that “I do plan to return to golf one day. I just don’t know what day that will be. I don’t rule out that day will be this year.” And he was right! Woods returned to golf at the Masters in April.
photo credit: Keith Allison via Getty Images
In July, former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton, transformed into a beautiful bride at her wedding in Rhinebeck, New York. Clinton married investment banker, Marc Mezvinsky.
Photo Credit: Kyle Cassidy

In August, Rihanna collaborated with Eminem to release a smash, chart-topping hit, “Love The Way You Lie.” This single can be heard on Eminem’s newest album, “Recovery.” Also in August was Jet Blue flight attendant, Steven Slater’s fifteen minutes of fame. The fed-up steward had enough of his career and quit abruptly via the plane’s emergency slide – but not before grabbing two beers for the road!

At the MTV Video Music Awards in Septemeber, Lady Gaga decided to make a statement by wearing a dress made entirely out of raw meat – Yuck! September was also the month that Oscar front-runner, The Social Network, premiered. I thought this was a phenomenal film, portraying the story of Mark Zuckerberg and how he started Facebook. Have you checked out the Swagbucks Facebook page?

Photo Credit: benstein

In November, Britain’s Prince William chose his future Princess, proposing to Kate Middleton. The wedding is set for April 29, 2011, and is sure to be a beautiful and royal extravaganza!
Photo Credit: Nick Warner

And although December is not yet over, we have still already seen some highlights. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is named Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year at only 26-years-old! I’d say he’s got a pretty successful career ahead of him (and behind him)! This makes him the youngest “Person Of The Year” since Charles Lindbergh in 1927. Oprah Winfrey has officially launched her final season and is starting it off on an extraordinary foot. In the first episode of the season, Oprah surprised her ENTIRE audience with an eight-day vacation to Australia! How cool is that?!

We still have four more days to add to the highlights of 2010. After that, we start the highlights of 2011 list. So Swaggernauts, what has been your favorite moment of 2010?

Until next time,