You’re Messy

Have you been cooking your butt off this holiday season? Is your sink filled with leftover dishes from Christmas dinner? Is your kitchen covered in cookie crumbs that Santa left? Well, you have ONE MORE DAY to enter for a chance to win a FREE professional cleaning service!

Entering is super easy! All ya gotta do is send in your messiest kitchen picture through the SonicScrubbers’ Messy Kitchen Contest website. 50 lucky winners will receive free SonicScrubbers Power Cleaning tools and kits. One super lucky winner will land a FREE professional home cleaning service. Wouldn’t that be a huge load off of your mind, as well as an awesome post-Christmas present?
Go check out the Messy Kitchen Contest, and be sure to Like SonicScrubbers on Facebook for your chance to win! In the meantime, visit the Messy Kitchen Contest website and enter the second to last word of step 3 for 7SB until 2:00pm PST! All lower case.
Good luck!
Happy Entering!