An internet sensation…

The internet has become the #1 resource for many things in life – searching, news, communication, shopping, etc. Recently, the internet has been used as a tool to success for a few lucky people. One person in particular was mentioned on the Facebook wall the other day by one of our Swaggernauts. The story has now progressed into one with a very happy ending.

A homeless man from Columbus, Ted Williams, often stood on the side of the street holding his hand-written sign, expressing his “god-given gift of voice.” A Columbus Dispatch videographer noticed Williams, and was intrigued with what he might have to offer. He shot a short clip of Williams, showing off his impressive skills:
The video instantly became a viral sensation, and low-and-behold, Ted Williams has been offered a job! It was reported yesterday that Williams was offered a position with the Cleveland Cavaliers to do voice-over work. If accepted, this position would also supply the lucky talent with a house!
I love this feel-good story. It’s nice to see great things happen for such deserving people!