And the rules are…

For those of you who played along with the very first SBTV Trivia last Friday, we hope you enjoyed it!

Now that we’ve completed the first round of the game, we have come to realize that there were a few things that could have been improved. Therefore, we have established the following rules:
1. When submitting an answer, you MUST include your Swag Name in your response. If you don’t, we won’t be able to credit you your 20SB if you win. If you are unsure of your Swag Name, check out the blog post that explains how to locate it.
2. You are more than welcome to post your answer on Facebook AND on Twitter, however, you will only be rewarded for one response. For example, if you were the 3rd responder on Facebook, and the 3rd responder on Twitter, you will still only be credited with 20SB. We will be alternating which page we look at first, Facebook or Twitter, so if someone is in the top 10 on both Facebook and Twitter, and it’s a Twitter first day, we will disregard that person’s response on Facebook, and credit the 11th responder with the 20SB.
3. If answering on Facebook, your post MUST be a response to the Question. In other words, DO NOT post your answer as a new comment on the wall. Simply add your answer to the existing thread.
4. All parts of the question MUST be answered in one response. For example, if there are three parts to the question, DO NOT submit three responses. Ensure your answer includes all three parts.
5. You may only submit an answer ONCE – if you answer more than once, you will be disqualified.
Remember, the video reflecting that day’s trivia will be revealed 2 HOURS before SBTV Trivia begins.
Good luck to all, and we hope you enjoy the game!