And Then There Was One

Over 3 million Swaggernauts had the chance to win 100 bonus Swag Bucks for perfectly predicting the playoffs. Now only one remains – Swaggernaut Live4snow of Sandy, Utah. Live4snow only has one more game to correctly predict in order to snag a, SB C-note. Who will win on February 6th – the Pittsburgh Steelers, or the red-hot Green Bay Packers? Ask Live4snow – maybe she knows…

Congratulations to the Packers! Once again we have a partner site in the Big Game, and if you’re a loyal Cheesehead, you’ll want to enter this limited time sweepstakes for a football signed by Packers Pro Bowl Cornerback Charles Woodson, 2009 Defensive Player of the Year, Heisman Trophy winner, and possible Super Bowl champion this year:

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Good luck,