Ask The Swag Gal – January 12, 2011

Hey ladies, do you all remember your wedding? Remember how much work there was to do? How much planning, coordinating, inviting, scheduling, nagging, you had to do? And then to top it off, did you have that one family member that kept trying to make the event be all about them? I bet you did.

Today’s Ask The Swag Gal is from a bridesmaid in a wedding who’s observing that very dynamic. She writes, and I paraphrase,

I’ve recently been asked to be a bridesmaid in my friends wedding. As if it weren’t bad enough that there are 8 bridesmaids (apparently the groom is having trouble finding that many groomsmen!), the bride’s aunt wants her own daughter, the bride’s first cousin, to be added as the 9th bridesmaid. But the bride isn’t close to her cousin at all, and doesn’t know what to say to her aunt.

Bridesmaid, thank you for this wonderful question, and hope you don’t mind me paraphrasing. To answer this question, I actually thought that I might turn to the voices of experience deep within our own community. So I’m going to turn things over to Swag Nation by asking you to chime in with your opinions.

Were you in a similar bind when you got married? Should the bride accommodate her family, or stick to her guns because this is, after all, her wedding day?

Comment in this thread to let us know what you think. I’ll be following up soon with your comments and feedback.


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