Awesome KUBED

It’s time to listen to your music in style with the KUBE MP3 Player. This ingenious new product is shaped in a convenient, portable square, measuring less than 1-inch long on every side. Take your digital music with you wherever you go with this full-featured MP3 gadget. The KUBE is simply designed with a 3-button interface, allowing you to play, pause, skip back and forth between tracks, adjust the volume, and set to shuffle mode. The KUBE includes a 2GB MicroSD card, which can hold up to 500 of your favorite songs! If you have too many songs to even count, your KUBE’s capacity can be easily expanded with additional MicroSD cards. The KUBE doesn’t need batteries – just charge it through any standard USB port, and enjoy 6 hours of continuous jamming on your fully charged KUBE.

You have 9 days left to snag this awesome MP3 Player. Enter for as little as 4SB. Remember, the more entries you buy, the cheaper each entry becomes.
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